Entrepreneur Workshops - Ongoing
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Entrepreneur Workshops - Ongoing

How do you say "entrepreneur" in Indigenous tongue? Most Native American communities do not have their own words or concepts to describe entrepreneurial activity, and yet selling, bartering, trading is core to our identity and our local economies. New words are created everyday in the English language. We combine words to create new concepts ( "I'm getting hangry!"), we make verbs out of nouns ("Friend me!"), and we make silly sounds to convey meaning ("Tweet it to me!).  The famed lexicographer, Erin McKean, says that everyone who speaks a shared language are the only ones who can create new words for that language. In that spirit, we're inviting Native speakers of Southwestern tribal languages to join us for a three-hour workshop to help us identify existing words and cultural references that can be leveraged to describe the modern Native American entrepreneur, and perhaps even create new words that translate to all Indigenous tongues. 

We're offering two three-hour workshop to maximize participation. Please RSVP to join us at the Gallup Cultural Center in Gallup, NM on either:

Friday, April 6th from 5-8pm, or
Saturday, April 7th from 10am-1pm

Light snacks and beverages will be provided and you are also welcome to bring food to share. Small children are welcome but note that childcare will not be provided. Each workshop can support 20 attendees. Free parking is available at the venue.

Ahe'hee' | Askwali | Elahkwa | Dawaa'e,

Heather Fleming, Dine', Change Labs
Lee Francis, Laguna, Native Realities Press

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 Arizona Basic Economic Development Course
to Jan 26

Arizona Basic Economic Development Course

  • Phoenix Business & Workforce Center (map)
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Plan to join us for the 2018 Arizona Basic Economic Development Course to be held January 22-26, 2018. This course provides intensive training in the basics of economic development and is accredited by the International Economic Development Council.  It is the first course that individuals must take in pursuit of a Certified Economic Developer designation.  

This 4 ½ day course is being offered at the rate of $595 if you pay by December 21st, 2017.   This course is open to all to attend. Members and non-members are encouraged to sign up. 

Bridgette Blair

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Hiring People with Disabilities: Myths and Benefits

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