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Addressing Our Community's Unique Challenges

Navigating the business environment within the Navajo Nation presents unique challenges, including distinguishing the roles and resources available through various entities such as the Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development, local SBDCs, and PTACs.


The Dineh Chamber of Commerce clarifies these pathways, ensuring businesses access the support they need efficiently.

Empowering Businesses, Building Connections

At the Dineh Chamber of Commerce, we provide tailored resources to meet the needs of our business community.

From a comprehensive member directory and job posting platform to hosting impactful events and offering specialized procurement education, we equip our members with the tools for success.

Antelope Canyon

Strengthening Our Community,
Building Business Together

Connect, Grow, and Thrive with the
Dineh Chamber of Commerce

As we lay the groundwork for a vibrant business ecosystem, our commitment is to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of local business owners, entrepreneurs, and community leaders across the Navajo Nation. With a focus on building from the ground up, we offer support, resources, and networking opportunities designed to foster growth and prosperity.

Join us in this exciting journey to empower our community and shape the future of business on the Navajo Reservation!

Our Mission

Driving Growth, Education, and Connection

We are committed to fostering a vibrant business environment that supports the Navajo Nation by providing essential resources, educational opportunities, and networking platforms. Our mission is to promote community prosperity, advocate for local businesses, and be a central hub for economic development and collaboration.

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Who We

Your Partner in Community and Economic Development

Founded on the principles of support, empowerment, and resilience, the Dineh Chamber of Commerce stands as a pillar for economic development within the Navajo Nation. With a board rich in experience and a deep understanding of local business dynamics, we offer a platform for businesses to thrive, connect, and contribute to a flourishing community.

Membership Awaits

Become a Part of Something Bigger

Joining the Dineh Chamber of Commerce means becoming part of a community dedicated to mutual growth and success. Enjoy exclusive benefits, resources, and the opportunity to make a difference in the Navajo Nation's economic landscape.

Join the Dineh Chamber of Commerce

Embark on a transformative journey with the Dineh Chamber of Commerce, where you're not just joining an organization, but becoming an integral part of a movement. Together, we aim to shape the Navajo Nation's future, fostering a robust economic environment where businesses thrive, and community bonds strengthen. Discover how your membership can contribute to a collective vision of prosperity and success.

Explore our Member Directory

Our member directory is a vibrant marketplace of Navajo Nation businesses across all sectors. Whether you're looking for services, partnerships, or job opportunities, our directory is your gateway to the local business community.

Networking, Learning, and Growing Together

Our calendar is packed with events designed to inspire, educate, and connect our members. From workshops and seminars to networking gatherings and community celebrations, there's always an opportunity to engage and grow.

Apply for Membership

Ready to make a meaningful difference for your business and our community? Join now and be welcomed into a family and change-makers within the Navajo Nation.

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