Crownpoint Gas Station and Hotel is Set to Go

Good morning Dineh Chamber Members, entrepreneurs and business owners.
You may have wondered what Dineh Chamber has been doing with your membership fees. Here is one major project we have been working on for some time. In today’s issue of the Navajo Times and its online edition you will notice the news article “Crownpoint gas station, hotel construction set to start” which is one of the first projects the Dineh Chamber has been working on along with others team members – ERBDO, Churchrock and Crownpoint Chapters, and respective Council delegates. The Dineh Chamber’s contribution to these projects have been the feasibility studies, the business plan and presentation/representation to the lending institutions. Yes. Project development from start to finish still takes time and we need to reduce this timeline. With your support we can get this done. Meanwhile, we have to put our best effort forward working with the status quo system. To do this we need the support of every small business owners to join the Dineh Chamber of Commerce. Kindly consider joining the Dineh Chamber and let’s others know.
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