Dineh Chamber Encourages Navajo Small Business Owners to Qualify for NGS Decommissioning Contracting Opportunities

The most significant change which has occurred in 2019 is the decommissioning of the Navajo Generating Station (NGS)  and the closure of the Black Mesa coal mine.  In anticipation of the this happening, Dineh Chamber have opened up lines of communication with the Salt River Project (SRP) to source out business contracting opportunities.  

Jeff Begay, Chairman of Dineh Chamber board has this to say: “What SRP has offered is a tremendous opportunity for our Navajo small business owners and we are hopeful that many of them will pursue getting “qualified” to take advantage of contracting opportunities.”  

SRP provided the following announcement to Dineh Chamber, their membership and business network: 

“We have hired Independence Excavating, Inc. to perform the Power Block Demolition work at the NGS Retirement Project in Page, Arizona.  They along with their subcontractor, Earth Services & Abatement hire individuals through the Laborers’ International Union Local No. 16.  Their contacts for individuals interested in working on the project or other projects that these contractors have throughout the country are:

Darrell D. Deaguero, President,  (505) 265-7933, darrell.deaguero@liuna16.org

Joey Atencio, Business Manager, 505-265-7933, Joey.atencio@liuna16.org

For companies wishing to work with Independence, they can reach out to  the Senior Project Manager for the project, Douglas A. Thomas, P.E.  His phone number is 216-446-3470 and his email address is dthomas@indexc.com.  The person representing Independence at the Navajo Business Opportunity Day event was Matt Welsh.  His phone number is 216-446-3180 and his email address is mwelsh@indexc.com

SRP has also hired National Salvage to perform work on the NGS Catenary system.  They are not a union shop and hire direct.  Their website is www.nssccorp.com and applications should be completed on line.  For businesses interested in working with National Salvage, the contact person is Craig Bentley, Senior Project Manager who can be reached at 812-339-9000 and email craig.bentley@nsssccorp.com.

Another group that attended the Job Fair was Tradesmen International.  They are not contracted for the NGS project.  They are like a temporary agency for skilled labor.  Their representative on site was Roberta Tso and her number is 480-736-2533.  Her email address is Roberta.tso@tradesmeninternational.com.

Dineh Chamber encourages Navajo entrepreneurs and small business owners to take advantage of this opportunity.  Getting qualified to do the work is the first step.  Once qualified the aspiring small business will be in an excellent position to contract and/or subcontract with other coal-fired power plant decommissioning and coal mine closures followed by environmental cleanup and remediation work.