Doing Business on the Navajo Nation by Change Labs

In lieu of the postponement of the Navajo Nation Economic Summit, Change Labs would like to invite you all to join them for a four-part series to breakdown their research findings as it relates to:  1) registering a certifying a business on Navajo, 2) securing land/space, construction permits, and electricity for a place of business on Navajo, 3) the credit environment for Navajo entrepreneurs, and 4) operating/growing and paying business taxes on the Navajo Nation. 

They will contrast their findings with the lived experience of Navajo small business owners and stakeholders as well as put forward recommendations for how they might mitigate barriers in the short-term while working towards long-term solutions that make it easier to be a Navajo business owner. 

This is a free event open to the public. They’re asking for your help to share these events with Navajo small business owners and stakeholders. Attached is a PDF you can email around or post as well as JPEG images you should feel free to use for your own purposes. Registration links for all events are here: